African Women In Tech

28 - 30 June 2017, Nairobi, Kenya

African Women In Technology

Where The Business World Meets

The Africa Women in Tech conference will be the only of its kind to provide the attendee a unique combination of deep-dive, hands-on tech workshops, information and discussions about careers in tech and how to pursue them; and connection and networking opportunities with other women in various aspects and careers in technology.

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Who's Speaking?

Ghana Series Speakers

Kelvin Nyame

Kelvin Nyame

Co-founder/CEO of MeQasa Limited

Muhammida El Muhajir

Muhammida El Muhajir

Global Brand/Digital Marketing & Media Consultant

Walid El Alaoui

Walid El Alaoui

Country Manager & Digital Comms. Director, Djembe Communications

Mipe Okunseinde

Mipe Okunseinde

Mipe Okunseinde, Senior Counsel Uber

Amma Gyampo

Amma Gyampo

Founder, Amdeco

Linda  Ansong

Linda Ansong

Co-founder & Executive Director, STEMbees Organization

Nicole Amarteifio

Nicole Amarteifio

Nicole Amarteifio- Creator, An African City

Lindiwe Matlali

Lindiwe Matlali

Lindiwe Matlali, CEO and Founder of Africa Teen Geeks

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Impact Hub Accra

F 393/4, Otswe Street, Accra, Ghana


 Accra Kotoka International Airport (ACC) is situated 10km (6 miles) north of Accra city centre. The largest airport in Ghana, & also one of West Africa’s main air transport hubs.

Hotel & Restaurant

Stretched along the Atlantic Ocean, Ghana’s most populous city boasts beaches, monumental buildings, museums, galleries, traditional markets & lively nightlife