Meet #AWITKE2018 Speaker: Mercy Orangi

Women In Tech

The 2018 African Women in Technology (AWIT) Conference, Nairobi, theme is “Be Bold”, so we are asking our female leaders and guests – panelists, speakers, moderators, and mentors – to reflect and share the early days of their careers, advice for younger women in tech and/or the most crucial need of their businesses today.

These women have proven commitment to building and scaling tech businesses or growing social enterprises on the continent and they come from diverse backgrounds and sectors with different levels of experience.

It is our hope that these short interviews show a glimpse into the everyday lives of African women in tech and builds bridges between organizations and individuals who are looking to partner, fund, mentor or simply interact with these pioneering women.


This week we shine the spotlight on Mercy Orangi, chief technology leadership evangelist at Andela and all-round ‘women in technology’ advocate.

Mercy Orangi

Welcome Mercy, it’s our pleasure to have you with us. How have women conferences (or AWIT specifically) helped you in your business/career so far?

They have been a big part of my journey. The opportunity to hear other women’s stories shows me that I am not alone. I love to hear how they overcome their lows to achieve their highs (learning and failing at work). It fires me up and keeps me focused.

What’s your big career/business goal for 2018 and how can we help you stay accountable and get it done?

My one big goal is to deliberately invest in myself. It has been about a year since I last did this — to have an edge, especially in my career.

I’d love to take two courses: one on StoryTelling, and another on Startups/Entrepreneurship. I have recently started out on a new function at work, and I’d love to treat it like a startup :).

What’s the one resource you need right now to propel you forward?

I’ll appreciate top recognized links I can look at for the above two courses I’d like to take this year.

Join Mercy and other pan-African women in technology at the 2018 African Women in Technology (AWIT) Conference, Nairobi this July.


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