AWIT Kenya 2018 Agenda

Thursday, 18th July 2019

Michael Joseph Center

6:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Networking sessions

6:00 pm - 9:00 pm- Icebreaker games and activities
- Launching the Nairobi 2019 Techazon
- Videos and photography

Friday, 19th July 2019

Michael Joseph Center

Welcome guests, speakers, and attendees and give a brief AWIT introduction.

Panel Host/Moderator: Tabitha Wanyoike

Capitalizing AI and Machine Learning on real-life applications

Panel Synopsis: AI and machine learning is primed to be the driving force of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. In Africa, the application of AI and machine learning are still in the early stages, there is an increasing number of companies that have begun adopting AI to streamline operations and deliver exceptional service.  How can policymakers, startups, technology partners, civil society groups and stakeholders work together to promote a vibrant AI ecosystem in Africa?

Key takeaways include:

  • A clear understanding of the meaning and recent advances in AI & machine learning
  • Understand where algorithmic-based innovation can be used practically
  • Assess the present state of play and future applications across your value chain.
  • Explore why and how recent applications in AI & machine learning have succeeded in Africa and the potential to use this tech to address Africa’s challenges

Panel Host/Moderator: (Updated soon)

Leveraging New Technology to Build Solutions for Africa

Panel Synopsis: Africa has plenty of problems that need solving. With Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda and South Africa among the countries taking the lead in blockchain experimentation, blockchain continues to take the centre of tech conversations across the continent.  blockchain represents a perfect decentralized and incorruptible engine that cannot be hacked. However, gaps in knowledge beg the question all the buzz around blockchain tech and its potential to bring about change in Africa is realistic or are we jumping the gun a bit?

Key takeaways include:

  • Learning about what best practice looks like when blockchain is applied to the public and private sector
  • Understanding how to tap into the potential of blockchain by identifying next steps to implement blockchain tech for your organisation
  • Getting the inside scoop from Africa’s rising blockchain startups on what not to do with blockchain
  • Taking a look at the potential of blockchain in Africa in combating corrupt political and voting systems, registering land titles, crowdfunding, smart contracts, remittances, digital identities and more

Panel Host/Moderator: Stacy Chege

Implications of AI, Machine learning on privacy, cybercrime and Security in Africa

Panel Synopsis: AI can both be weaponized as a cyber-threat and be autonomously deployed to fight back against in-progress attacks. Deep machine learning can enhance cybersecurity in many ways. How can institutions navigate the advances in AI to prevent cybercrime and enhance cybersecurity?

Key takeaways include:

  • Exploring the 2019 threat landscape in Africa
  • Understanding how AI & Blockchain can take cybersecurity to the next level – from DDos attacks, Malware, Spyware, Phishing and more
  • Gaining best practice on the tools needed for intelligence information sharing

Panel Host/Moderator: (Will be updated soon)

Closing the gender gap in Africa’s digital and tech roles

Panel Synopsis: In Africa, the digital gender gap means that the proportion of women using the internet is 25% lower than the proportion of men (International Telecommunications Union, 2019.) In light of this major social and economic issue, this session delves into the present and future role of the Government and regulators in spreading mobile connectivity rapidly and bringing more women to the next economic fold.

Key takeaways:

  • Learning about the country-specific approaches to digital transformation, automation and more
  • Come away a clear idea on the local startups that are creating business models to solve this nationwide issue

Panel Host/Moderator: (Will be updated soon)

Define the skill sets needed to survive and thrive in a digital Africa

Panel Synopsis: It is more important than ever to define the skill sets needed to survive and thrive in a digital Africa. This session will present the hottest tech-roles right now and what you need to do in order to get there. What jobs will be disrupted in this drive to digital and which roles will be susceptible to automation? Come to this session to uncover the specific roles and skill sets you need to know in order to stay relevant

Throughout your career, you will always receive good and bad advice – but if you’re smart, you’ll be able to learn as much as possible from the mistakes of others and avoid the pitfalls that mature veterans experience late in their careers! This session will share the most valuable bits of career advice and how they still adhere to today.
Key Takeaways include:


  • Defining key career lessons everyone working in tech should take to heart early in their careers
  • Learning from top mistakes people make when progressing in their career
  • Hearing anecdotes about rising through the ranks in Africa’s tech scene
  • Defining the most in-demand roles, skills and job titles in tech in 2019 and the forces shaping it
  • Understanding how digital and emerging technologies are changing the future of work
  • Learning about approaches for companies and institutions to find the right talent and retain it
  • Gaining strategies for businesses to redeploy and upskill their current employees
  • Identifying the roadmap to future proof your skill set so that advancements in AI and robotics won’t threaten your employment opportunities

Panel Host/Moderator: Divine Muragijimana

The Role of eCommerce and Digital platforms bridging the unemployment Gap in Africa

Saturday, 20th July 2019

Michael Joseph Center

Breakfast, networking, and exhibitions

Panel Host/Moderator: (Will be updated soon)

Utilizing Capital of Women to advance Africa

Panel Synopsis: “Women are key to the future economic growth and stability in Africa” – Hillary Clinton Over the last couple of years, we have seen an increasing number of women taking leadership roles, not only in politics but also in business spaces.  It has become important that gender equality be considered across the organization, by encouraging and seeking female members of the board of directors, advisors and organization administration. Primarily, it’s the balance that women bring to an executive board, by bringing a different perspective based on a different set of life experiences. This perspective can broaden and deepen the executive board’s insight and pre-sight if you will, making it more effective and agile thus, more successful rising to the unique challenges their business faces in their respective market. But having women on the executive board isn’t just the right thing to do – it’s good for the bottom line. Women representatives on these decision-making bodies help the organization consider what is best for its girl participants, keeping their interests in mind and serving as role models themselves.

Key Takeaways:

  • Increasing the number of female graduates in relevant fields
  • Building productivity in agriculture and other sectors
  • Integrating women in decision-making and leadership positions

Panel Host/Moderator: Divine Muragijimana

Stepping up when opportunities arise

Panel Synopsis: From developing your confidence, taking credit for your work, to stepping up when opportunities arise, this session will share the top ways to truly own your career to ensure that your path to seniority is clearly defined, achievable, and within reach for 2019!
Key takeaways include:

  • Understanding the key characteristics of a leader: from strong communication skills, confidence, constant motivation, to being proactive in creating and seizing your own opportunities
  • Overcoming deeply-rooted patriarchal obstacles such as unconscious and conscious bias to maintain a strong mindset and have a real seat at the table
    Identifying the key skills needed for the major growth areas in tech and what to do now to ensure your skills stay relevant.

Panel Host/Moderator: (Will be updated soon)

Star Stories of Emerging women leaders in Tech

Panel Synopsis: The voice of the new generation of African women leaders is vitally important to reaching the goals of advancing Africa. The 5-on-5 series provides a platform for young leaders to share their ideas, contributions, and insights with our attendees. Similar to the Ted Talk Series (, each of the 5 speakers will take centre stage for up to 9 minutes to have a one-way conversation with the audience.

They will:

  • Share ideas and passions as they relate to business and/or community, and the efforts they have put to pursue them.
  • Share the challenges faced, insights gained, and achievements obtained.  
  • Share thoughts on opportunities for economic and social development in Africa and/or within the diaspora.